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08.45-09.00   Registration

09.00-09.10   Introduction

09.10-10.30   Assessment of the patient with renal impairment
                      Diagnostics in renal disease: What, why and when?

10.30-10.45   Coffee

10.45-12.45   Acute kidney injury
                      Definition, prevention and management of AKI with a review of the national guidelines
                      AKI in specific conditions: management of contrast nephropathy, cardiorenal syndrome, hepatorenal syndrome and sepsis.    

                      Interactive case discussions with review of the evidence.

12.45-13.30   Lunch

13.30-15.00   Chronic kidney disease
                       Definition, stages and prevention of progression.
                       Complications of CKD, case based discussions with an update of the evidence: Anaemia: when does anaemia of renal disease  

                       occur and who needs EPO   Renal bone disease:  understanding renal bone disease and how to manage it Hypertension and

                       renovascular disease: National guidelines on management of hypertension and applications to renal patients
                       Diabetic nephropathy: an update on management

15.00-15.15   Coffee

15.15-16.30    Renal replacement therapies
                       Principles of dialysis and management of the dialysis patient outside of the renal unit.
                       Principles of transplantation and management of the transplant patient outside of the renal unit.

16.30-17.00    Prescribing in renal disease: considerations and common mistakes

17.00              Close

(* Preliminary - times are likely to change)

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