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AKI is common in hospitalised patients and is associated with mortality.  10% of all ICU beds are occupied with patients requiring renal replacement therapy for AKI.  The National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death (NECPOD) published its report in 2009 into the management of patients with AKI who had died.  They found that 50% of patients had received inadequate care with systematic failings in the recognition and management of AKI and its complications.  As a consequence of this report the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)  is due to publish guidelines on AKI in 2013.

Why is this course needed?

Why attend this course?

The aim of this course to ​provide a practical understanding of renal disease for the non-nephrologist.  We aim to help acute physicians to identify and manage both acute and chronic renal disease in secondary care and to know when referral to nephrologists is required. 

We also aim to teach how to manage the common complications seen in patients already established on renal replacement therapies [haemodialysis/peritoneal dialysis and transplant] which are likely to be seen on unselected acute medical takes. 

Past courses.

This will be the fifth course we have run following the fantastic feedback we received after our other courses.  All delegates said they would recommend this course to their colleagues and thought the value was exceptional.

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